Horse Sanctuary

Horse Sanctuary beautifully depicts in words and photographs the daily travails and triumphs of equine rescue. A must-have for anyone who believes a humane and compassionate world is possible for all animals.
Gene Baur, President and Co-founder of Farm Sanctuary,
author of
Farm Sanctuary: Changing Hearts and Minds About Animals and Food

Horse Sanctuary is a beautiful book about the relationship between people and horses.
Temple Grandin, animal behaviorist and author of Animals in Translation and Animals Make Us Human

Heartwarming stories and luscious photographs of animals who have been saved from cruelty and neglect to find an abundance of love and care in thirteen extraordinary equine sanctuaries across America. A book full of kindness and grace that will make you happy.
Susan Richards, author of New York Times bestseller Chosen by a Horse

In words and photographs, this necessary book pays tribute to those who take care of our equine castaways. Find out who they are, help them in your own way, and learn their stories.
Deanne Stillman, author of Mustang: The Saga of the Wild Horse in the American West, a Los Angeles Times Best Book of 2008 and winner of the California Book Award silver medal for nonfiction

This lovely book captures the spirit and beauty of horsesñeven those who have been so mistreated. Thank you for making your gorgeous subjects known, loved, and appreciated.
Hope Ryden, author of America's Last Wild Horses

This is one of the most interesting and helpful books on a specific animal species that I have seen.  Horses have played such an important part in human lives and yet they may suffer from abuse, neglect and human ignorance.  In this book, 13 of America’s most effective sanctuaries for equines are visited.  There are unforgettable stories of horses and their rescuers and their rehabilitation efforts.  It is inspirational to learn about the good works that are being done in these sanctuaries stretching from one coast to the other.  And if anyone wants to learn more or help, there is a directory of contact information on the sanctuaries covered as well as one for additional resources. But, as much as this book is for animal/horse lovers, it is also for photographers.  The images of the animals are great lessons in how to approach and develop a portfolio on one subject.  There are many beautiful photographs that capture the spirit of the horses and the compassion of the rescuers.  It is a lesson that any photographer, regardless of the subject, might learn.
Noella Ballenger, Apogee Photo Magazine, May 2013

Ingredients of Karen Tweedy-Holmes' photographic content are easy to identify: ardency for subject; devotion to art; and unique expertise. 230 superb photos are tabulated: 117 regular inserts embedded in text and caption; 76 full glossies with a dynamic front jacket and tranquil back; and 37 broadside doublets overcoming the viewer with luxuriance. Melded by subject they variously depict sanctuary facilities, equines, and rescuers, each conveying a determinant significance worthy of study and admiration. She travelled 16,000miles to mix her ingredients from the 13 selected sanctuaries, 5 located in the western U.S. (2 in California), 5 in the central U.S. (2 in the Dakotas), and 3 in the east. Wherever a page is turned in Horse Sanctuary, inspirational and joyous photographic panoply is found.
Bob Howdy, Ph.D.

I would like to compliment Karen Tweedy-Holmes and Allison Milionis on this wonderful job of presenting the work of those of us who have made it our life's work to offer refuge to America's displaced equines. We are truly honored to be included here with our colleagues around the country. We do what we do because we all believe that these special animals, who have served mankind for so long as partners and companions, have earned the right to dignity and safety throughout their lives.
Allen Warren, Founder and Executive Director of Horse Harbor Foundation

Allison Milionis and Karen Tweedy-Holmes have done a purely masterful job of bringing the reader to the inner world of equine sanctuaries and rescues. Allison writes with real clarity and texture, and Karen's photographs show us the hearts of the horses and the caretakers who love them.

Jane Heath, Co-founder of Montana Horse Sanctuary

As founder of America's only organization created specifically to support and provide resources to this country's equine welfare community, I am pleased to see the tireless and compassionate efforts of the men and women who give so much of themselves to saving, rehabbing, and re- homing or providing permanent sanctuary to these animals finally recognized.
Shirley Puga, National Equine Resource Network