Thought to Exist in the Wild

"A zoo is a nightmare taking shape in concrete and steel, iron and glass, moats and electrified fences. It is a nightmare that for its victims has no end save death..."

To counter most books being written about zoos that present zoos favorably, never questioning their very existence, activist Jensen and photographer Karen Tweedy-Holmes produce their examination of what zoos are and what their effect is on their animal inmates and the human animals who observe them. Jensen writes in a deliberately polemical style, challenging the reader with language that is in turn sarcastic and poetic but always urgent and angry. Tweedy-Holmes' photos, in stark black and white, are views of animals in obvious incarceration├▒bars or mesh often obscure the view; cement-formed pools, rocks, ledges, or walls predominate; doors, walls, and buildings hint at unnatural enclosures; and the animals are all obviously captive.
Booklist magazine

"Finally, someone has the courage to question zoos. Animals in zoos are not ambassadors teaching us about the natural world, they're unwilling prisoners, teaching us how we as humans seem to need to dominate every living being on the planet. This is a brave book and a much needed voice on behalf of the animals."
Bill Maher, Host of HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher"

Thought to Exist in the Wild won the 2008 Eric Hoffer Book Award Grand Prize and the Silver Medal of the 2008 Independent Publisher Book Awards in the Animal category.

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